For Authors

Tips for Contacting Libraries to Present a Program

1. Join the United for Libraries "Authors and Libraries" listserv that invites authors, librarians, and other interseted individuals to exchange ideas, information, opportunities for author programs, announcements of new books, and more. We hope you’ll sign on and join the "Authors and Libraries" conversation today!

2. Use to find libraries in your touring range or region.

3. Call or email selected library or libraries. Check the library’s website to see if your request should go to the library director, or if they have a public service librarian or programming librarian. If appropriate, contact the children’s librarian.

4. Introduce yourself and let them know about your book(s). Include information about your webpage, reviews, special area of expertise, and experience in speaking to audiences.

5. Discuss your idea for a program opportunity with them including:

  • How you’d share in publicizing the event.
  • If you’d bring books or ask the library to order them.
  • Whether you’d share any revenues gleaned from a book signing with them.
  • Whether you have or will line up other speaking opportunities in the immediate area with schools, bookstores, other organizations, etc.
  • Required support for travel or honorarium, if any.

6. If the library is interested, what would you require in return:

  • Publicity – how far in advance and what kind.
  • Help with an author signing following the event.
  • What your scheduling requirements will be (keeping them as flexible as possible).
  • Special needs for audio/visual or other types of equipment.

7. Keep in touch with your contact person before the event.  Ensure that the library knows how to contact you, if needed, on the day of the event.

8. Following the event, ask if your library host would be willing to be a reference for you with other libraries and be sure to thank them for the opportunity to present.