Authors & Libraries Listserv

United for Libraries has opened a listserv that invites authors, librarians, and other interested individuals to exchange ideas, information, opportunities for author programs, announcements of new books, and more.

  • The listserv is open to anyone.
  • You do not need to be an ALA member or United for Libraries member to participate.
  • All participants are to be treated with courtesy.
  • Spam is not allowed.
  • Commercial solicitation is prohibited.

How to Join

To join, send an email to In the subject line of your message type:

subscribe authorsandlibraries Firstname Lastname

Insert your own first name and full name as indicated. Leave the body of the message blank (remove any signature that is automatically included). Send the message. In a few minutes you will receive a welcome message and you can then begin posting emails to the listserv.

To start a discussion, send an email to Please use an appropriate subject line so readers have an idea of what your message is about. Other listserv members can then reply to your message and everyone on the listserv will receive the response to continue the discussion.

Manage your subscription to this listserv and other United for Libraries or ALA listservs online at If you have any questions about the listserv or experience difficulty signing up, please email for assistance.

We hope you’ll sign on and join the "Authors and Libraries" conversation today!