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Novato, California

Love & Death in Burgundy, 2017

"The bookmobile for me was like the best circus in the world coming to town. I still remember the thrill of climbing the short steps into a cozy world full of everything I ever wanted."

Chappaqua, New York

No Witness but the Moon, 2016

"I have often judged the quality of a town by the depth and breadth of its library. Everything else is just ego monuments and real estate."

Santa Monica, California

Murder Is Such Sweet Revenge, 2015

"As a child I spent countless hours in dark,  African jungles, or discovering the world from the gondola of a balloon, or spanning the vast reaches of space to a far off planet made of gold. And the best part, I didn't have to leave my local library to do it!"

Malibu, California

Never Fear: The Tarot, 2016

"Growing up in Hawaii, I attended Punahou school from grades K through twelve. Each section of campus had its own marvelous magical labyrinth for an inquisitive girl to wander, touching spines and guessing at mysteries. Nearly forty years later, I still enjoy wandering through aisles of books, brushing my hands along the covers and feeling the excitement of stories yet unknown."

Seattle, Washington

A Fatal Twist, 1017

The Whole She-Bang 3
Port Carling,

The Whole She-Bang 3, 2017

"Librairies are a gateway in all communities -- but the doors they open are not to just access knowledge and the joy of reading. They are safe welcoming havens for the youngest to the oldest of readers, a place where they can sit and open the covers of a book that may take them places, comfort, excite or give them life-changing ideas. As a child, my local library was my favourite place, my safe haven, its books a lifeline to greater possibilities."

Portland, Oregon

Abraham Lincoln in Court & Campaign , 2017

Signal Hill, California

Desert Ice, 2017

"Libraries hold our hearts in words."

Chicago, Illinois

War, Spies, And Bobby Sox: Stories About World War Two At Home, 2017

"The library was my refuge as a child. I would ride my bike up and come home with my basket filled with books. The happiest day I can remember was when, at nine years old, I heard the children's librarian hand me off to the adult librarian and tell her it was okay to let me check out whatever I wanted."

Lewisville, Texas

Saving Hope, 2017

"Libraries hold the past, present, and future in their stacks."

Toluca Lake, California

Bad to the Bone, 2017

"I love libraries.  Always have, always will. I was fortunate enough to grow up near the wonderful Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh.  Now I live in Los Angeles, which has a fantastic library system.  Books mean a lot to me--and libraries, and librarians, are the greatest!"

Spring Valley, Wisconsin

Unhinged, 2017

"Libraries...the place I've always gone to get my fix of unreality."