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Honolulu, Hawaii

Blood Red Homicide, 2016

"Browsing through the library shelves on Saturday morning, a special treat for me as a child, has become a lifetime pleasure."

Alexandria, Virginia

Domestic Affairs: A Tiara Investigations Mystery, 2014

"If a building can pay you a compliment, that's just what a library does.  A library will believe in your potential your whole life."

Los Angeles, California

Death of a Bachelorette, 2017

"The very first library I went to when I was a little girl in Brooklyn (some time in the Mesozoic Era) was on a side street, on the second floor, above a small business. My mother took me there once a week, and gave me the gift of reading, a gift I have treasured all my life. One night, a man approached me and asked if he could take my picture. He sat me on a chair, had me pretend I was reading Charlotte's Web (a book, I'm ashamed to admit, I never read), took my picture, and submitted it in a photo contest. It won honorable mention. So I guess you could say I got my first taste of public recognition at the Midwood branch of the Brooklyn Public Library."

Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Symphony Heist, 2016

Chicago, Illinois

The Day I Died, 2017

"I owe libraries everything, including my mystery writing career. When I was 12, I had read the entire kids' section of my library, so they sent me upstairs to the adult books. But I was sure I wasn't supposed to be there, so I ducked into the first room so I wouldn't get sent back down. It was the mystery room, where I discovered Agatha Christie and Mary Higgins Clark. The mystery room is precisely where I needed to be."

Westfield, New Jersey

A Stitch To Die For (An Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery, Book 5), 2015

"From the time I learned to read the library provided me with an escape from an unhappy childhood, introducing me to new worlds and new possibilities that gave me hope for a brighter future."

Madison, Wisconsin

Carpe Diem, Illinois, 2014

"Libraries -- where adventures happen."

Mission Viejo, California

A Margin of Lust, 2017

"I often go to the library to write. Sitting in the stacks, I feel surrounded by a community of cheerleaders, comrades, and co-conspirators. The incredible imagination and fortitude represented by books on the shelves inspires me to keep on. Libraries are magical."

Baraboo, Wisconsin

The House On Foster Hill, 2017

Long Beach, California

Red Flags, 2016

"Reading was my first hobby. As a child, books were my siblings and playmates; as an adult, they're friends and counselors. They're entertainment, reassurance, refuge, and sanity. They're magic."

Picton, Ontario

Elementary She Read, 2017

"I love libraries at all times, but never more than when they're empty. Empty of people, that is. Then I can imagine the words whispering to each other, sharing stories, making up new ones. Sci-fi chatting to romance; American history exchanging views with Brazilian politics; Vietnamese cookbooks swapping tips with Indian. And my beloved mystery characters listening in on everything, perhaps taking notes."

Bowie, Maryland

Roses Are Dead, My Love, 2015

"I don't remember a time when I didn't possess a library card. Some of my earliest memories are visiting the Georgetown Library in Washington DC. It was always a thrill to climb the steep steps to the library door, smell the books, listen to the quiet, play in the garden, and come home with an armful of wonderful stories to read. And sixty-odd years later, it still is!"