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Alexandria, Virginia

Domestic Affairs: A Tiara Investigations Mystery, 2014

"If a building can pay you a compliment, that's just what a library does.  A library will believe in your potential your whole life."

Westfield, New Jersey

A Stitch To Die For (An Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery, Book 5), 2015

"From the time I learned to read the library provided me with an escape from an unhappy childhood, introducing me to new worlds and new possibilities that gave me hope for a brighter future."

Los Angeles, California

Death of a Bachelorette, 2017

"The very first library I went to when I was a little girl in Brooklyn (some time in the Mesozoic Era) was on a side street, on the second floor, above a small business. My mother took me there once a week, and gave me the gift of reading, a gift I have treasured all my life. One night, a man approached me and asked if he could take my picture. He sat me on a chair, had me pretend I was reading Charlotte's Web (a book, I'm ashamed to admit, I never read), took my picture, and submitted it in a photo contest. It won honorable mention. So I guess you could say I got my first taste of public recognition at the Midwood branch of the Brooklyn Public Library."

Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Easter Egg Murder, 2013

Long Beach, California

A Palette for Murder, 2015

"When I was not quite four I sneaked out of the house and walked to the library, almost a mile away. When I got there I asked the librarian where the third-grade section was. I didn't know how to read yet, but I thought looking at a book for bigger kids might teach me. I picked out a book and sat at a table, trying to figure out how to read. Maybe if I sat there long enough I would learn. The librarian wandered by and said I had the book upside down. When turning the book the right way didn't help, I brought it to the front desk and said I wanted to check it out. The librarian gave me a card to fill out. I knew how to print my first and last name. Soon after, my mother came for me. I don't remember her being angry. Maybe because people didn't raise their voices in a library. But that's how I got my first library card."

Highland Park, Illinois


"I can't remember a time when libraries were not an important part of my life. I practically lived at my local library in Philadelphia when I was growing up, and later, I wrote my first novel in several libraries throughout the midwest. My mother and grandmother were both librarians, and I'm sure I would have been a librarian too, if I hadn't become a teacher and historian instead. When I was about ten, not only did I alphabetize my 500+ books, I created a card catalog using 3x5 cards with all the authors and titles properly recorded. (I didn't do by subject, because that just seemed a little crazy). I made my sister use a library card to take out my books, and I would slip little "overdue notices" under her door when I wanted my books back. So I love my books and my libraries, and I thank librarians so much for the wonderful things they do in the world. I wrote about my love of libraries on my blog at

Santa Clarita, California

White Heat, 2012

"If the eyes are the windows to the soul, libraries are the windows to the world."

Tucson, Arizona

Dark Signal, 2017

"While our weekly library visits were highlights of my childhood, my favorite memories of libraries is the tiny county library in our Nebraska town of 300. The picture books were on a bottom shelf and I spent hours with my toddlers, them picking out books and cuddling in my crossed legs as I read them. Then picking our favorites to take home.  (There now, just writing that made me cry.)"

Onaway, Michigan, 2017

"Reading can save the world. Libraries can save reading."

Bigfork, Montana

Killing Thyme, 2016

"In my travels as an author, I have been delighted to see, again and again, that the smaller the library, the bigger the welcome."

Bowie, Maryland

Roses Are Dead, My Love, 2015

"I don't remember a time when I didn't possess a library card. Some of my earliest memories are visiting the Georgetown Library in Washington DC. It was always a thrill to climb the steep steps to the library door, smell the books, listen to the quiet, play in the garden, and come home with an armful of wonderful stories to read. And sixty-odd years later, it still is!"

Cos Cob, Connecticut

Swimming Alone, 2015