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Darlings of Decay book cover
Williamswood, Nova Scotia

Darlings of Decay (contributor), 2014

Hermosa Beach, California

Superbeetle, 2017

"My local library was a second home for me as a child. I discovered so many treasures in the library and to this day, I still feel a sense of peace and wonder every time I walk into one."

"I grew up hiding in the library aisles with Nancy Drew, and Trixie Belden, and the Boxcar Children. They are, I believe, the secret portal to other-worlds. Who needs wardrobes when you have a library?"

Sarasota, Florida

Snook Wallow, 2017

Madison, Wisconsin

Carpe Diem, Illinois, 2014

"Libraries -- where adventures happen."

Amherst, Massachusetts

All the Wrong Places, 2015

"I can date my desire to become a writer to the day I read a poem entitled "What" by Stephen Dunn. I was twenty years old and the closing stanza stopped me in my tracks: people die between birthdays and go on for years; what stops things for a moment are the words you've found for the last bit of light you think there is. Pretty much says it all."

Bigfork, Montana

Killing Thyme, 2016

"In my travels as an author, I have been delighted to see, again and again, that the smaller the library, the bigger the welcome."

Los Angeles, California

Death of a Bachelorette, 2017

"The very first library I went to when I was a little girl in Brooklyn (some time in the Mesozoic Era) was on a side street, on the second floor, above a small business. My mother took me there once a week, and gave me the gift of reading, a gift I have treasured all my life. One night, a man approached me and asked if he could take my picture. He sat me on a chair, had me pretend I was reading Charlotte's Web (a book, I'm ashamed to admit, I never read), took my picture, and submitted it in a photo contest. It won honorable mention. So I guess you could say I got my first taste of public recognition at the Midwood branch of the Brooklyn Public Library."

Columbus, Ohio

Falling Darkness, 2017

Alameda, California

Water Signs, 2017

"I love libraries! I'm the kid who rode my bike to the library every few days, returning with a stack of novels in my bike basket. My mother used to say, 'Get your nose out of that book and go out and play.' But I never did. I still have my nose in a book."

Knoxville, Tennessee

Death on the Trek, 2016

"I wish everyone could have my childhood, lugging armfuls of books home every week from the library and devouring them. I visited strange lands and other times, and made good friends with fictional characters that stay with me today."

Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Symphony Heist, 2016