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North Chelmsford, Massachusetts

A Certain Slant of Light, 2015

"When my hometown librarian gave me my first Stephen King book and told me I must read it, little did I know I'd later be taking writing instruction from him in college. Being an omnivourous reader and that lineage made me a writer."

Mount Airy, North Carolina

Baby, Take a Bow, 2017

"I learned to read at an early age, so out of all the students in my first grade class, I was allowed to check out books, an honor I never forgot.  I remember my librarian, Mrs. Anderson, saving a book for me and saying, 'Look, Jane!  A new book by Dr. Seuss!'  It was How the Grinch Stole Christmas, a book I read every year to all the students in my own library, pleased to be carrying on the wonderful tradition of librarians everywhere: sharing the delight of a good book."

Gainesville, Florida

Death at China Rose, 2015

"Reading in one of the few truly private pleasures left. When I read, it's just me and the book--nobody else."

Coronado, California

Animal Parts, 2016

Baraboo, Wisconsin

The House On Foster Hill, 2017

Mission Viejo, California

A Margin of Lust, 2017

"I often go to the library to write. Sitting in the stacks, I feel surrounded by a community of cheerleaders, comrades, and co-conspirators. The incredible imagination and fortitude represented by books on the shelves inspires me to keep on. Libraries are magical."

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Death Postponed, 2017

"When I was 15, I worked in the town library as a page for one dollar an hour. It was one of the few jobs I wasn't fired from. My first novel was published 57 years later."

Chatham, New Jersey

Black Flowers, White Lies, 2016

"I received my first library card in elementary school and was amazed at all of the free books available to me. I still find it magical to visit the library and consider all of the reading possibilities."

Alexandria, Virginia


"If it weren't for libraries, I wouldn't be a writer."

Woodstock, Illinois

The Bride Wore Dead, 2013

"Libraries help to keep people smart."

Honolulu, Hawaii

Blood Red Homicide, 2016

"Browsing through the library shelves on Saturday morning, a special treat for me as a child, has become a lifetime pleasure."

Penn Valley, California

Disturbing the Dark, 2016