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Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator

Hoory for Amanda & Her Alligator, 2011

Quote: "All of the life-changingly awesome words and pictures and ideas inside your library are useless without just one word outside your library: Open."

F is For Friendship: A Quilt Alphabet
Farmington Hills, Michigan

F is For Friendship: A Quilt Alphabet, 2011

Forsyth, Illinois

Smudge, 2010

Evanston, Illinois

Innocent, 2010

"I cannot think of a day in my life when the library didn't exert a potent attraction for me, offering a sense of the specialness of each individual's curiosity and his or her quest to satisfy it."

The Mapmaker and the Ghost
Brooklyn, New York

<em>The Mapmaker and the Ghost</em>, 2012

"My local library shaped me as a reader and a writer; I couldn't imagine my childhood without that warm, inviting building at its center."

The Day of Small Things
Marshall, North Carolina

The Day of Small Things, 2010

"Even the smell of a library lifts my heart. Libraries have been a treasured part of my life ever since I realized I couldn't possibly afford to own or house all the books I wanted to read. When I think of pure joy, I remember returning from the family's weekly trip to the library — me in the back seat, reading one of my newly checked out books in hurried snatches whenever the car passed under a street light."

Deadly Reunion
Thibodaux, Louisiana

Deadly Reunion, 2011

"I love libraries! They opened the world to me as a child and continue to do so now. Librarians are fantastic, hardworking people who go out of their way."

May B.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

May B., 2012

"I've just moved back to my hometown, and one of the first places I visited was my childhood library. Walking in I was greeted by rich memories the familiar smell of books. Heaven!"

Little Night
Malibu, California

Little Night, 2012

"I was born in a library, in the fiction stacks."

Spider Bones

Spider Bones, 2010

"Often we take libraries for granted until there is a threat."

Merchild Land
Augusta, Georgia

Merchild Land, 2010

"I cannot remember when books have not been a part of my life. My favorite memories are when we went to town and my father would drop me off at the library so I could open the doors to the world and explore. As a result, I started writing at 9 years old, and I wanted to see my books on the shelf in libraries someday."

Writers Gone Wild
Hershey, Pennsylvania

Writers Gone Wild, 2010

"Libraries are society's workhorses, making available what is good and worthy and open to all who need information, reassurance or a kick in the imagination. A town without a library is irredeemably impoverished."