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Tony Baloney
Encinitas, California

Tony Baloney, 2011

"I think the most inspiring thing to me about libraries is that they serve all people.

Mind Wars: Brain Science and the Military in the 21st Century
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mind Wars: Brain Science and the Military in the 21st Century, 2012

Free to a Good Home
Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Free to a Good Home, 2010

"When I hear about budgets being slashed and libraries being closed all over the country, I am disheartened to think that someday, children might not have the opportunity I did to discover their passions and personalities in the pages of a library book. For now, I will continue to support and frequent my local library and hope that people never start believing libraries are frivolous non-essentials. I’d hate to live in a world that had forgotten that the best things in life — love, friendship, nature, and yes, reading — are truly free."

The Murderer's Daughters
Boston, Massachusetts

The Murderer's Daughters, 2010

It Takes a City to Raze a Library, July 6, 2010

"In Brooklyn, where I was born and raised, my local library was close enough to visit daily, and I walked there from the time I figured out the route. In many ways, I was raised by books and my local library, each adding to my sense of who I could be in this world."

The Inner Circle
Miami, Florida

The Inner Circle, 2011

"Sharing education, sharing a book -- that's what changes the world."

The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons
Snohomish, Washington

The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons, 2011

"As a child in a single parent household, the visit to my local library was the high point of the week. So many books! So many worlds unknown! So much knowledge to be had! Libraries are directly responsible not only for my lifelong passion with books, but for my desire to write my own."

Pretty Crooked
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pretty Crooked, 2012

Spring, Texas

Chained, 2012

"I still remember feeling like I'd read every book in my public library, until another reader nearby pointed to a new wall for me and said, 'The fourth grade books are over here.' Discovering those new shelves was like walking into a new world."

Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure
Mansfield, Texas

Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure, 2011

"Only in a library can you travel the world, become anyone, and experience anything while sitting still! As both an author and active member of my local Friends of the Library group, I see firsthand how much our library means to our community. It's not only a place to perform research, it's a link to services, an entertainment venue, and a cultural center."

Jackson Pond, Texas
Friona, Texas

Jackson Pond, Texas, 2013

"Children run from the storytime room out into the library, ricocheting from shelf to shelf, slowing only to touch, then choose, books to take home. Every one of their faces, proud and serious, as they approach the circulation desk awakes envy in me. If I were not an adult, I, too, would bounce off one shelf enroute to the next, would peruse every jacket, and smile as I opened every book I could touch. It's how I always feel, as if the library is a place of adventure and excitement, perpetually new. But as I am an adult, I move quietly through the stacks, making selections carefully. I know that as I approach the circulation desk, I feel as serious and as proud as those children look. We know are in the presence of something wonderful, a portal to adventure, a place where we are welcomed and assisted by librarians, individuals who love knowledge and information and who value the concept of service — our library."

The Adventures of Oreo and Algonquin: The White House Tour
Kearneysville, West Virginia

The Adventures of Oreo and Algonquin: The White House Tour, 2011

"Libraries make my senses tingle with the excitement of all the opportunities to read books that can take me away to another world of adventure and fantasy. I am addicted!"

Drowning in Christmas
Wethersfield, Connecticut

Drowning in Christmas, 2010

"Nothing can beat one's hometown library as a source of comfort, information, and pure pleasure. Browsing its shelves and carting home a stack of fresh fun and wisdom is an indulgence that never disappoints. I'd sooner give up my credit card than my library card."