• Temecula , California

    My French Passport, 2013

    My French Passport
  • Longboat Key , Florida

    Ghosts: Irresponsible: What Surgeons Won't Tell You and How to Protect Yourself, 2015

  • San Diego , California

    Buster the Little Garbage Truck, 2015

    Buster the Little Garbage Truck
  • South Pasadena , California

    Ballroom, 2014

  • Chatsworth , California

    Spinner, 2015

Port Orchard, Washington

Pouraka, 2015

"The door to the library is the portal to other worlds."

Ghosts: A Haunted History
North Hills, California

Ghosts: A Haunted History, 2015

Developing Minds
San Diego, California

Developing Minds, 2015

Bedford Corners, New York

The Fix, 2015

"My local library is a second home - I write in the quiet areas, I borrow books for myself, and bring my kids in to ask the wonderful children's librarian for help picking the right books. I love talking books with all of the librarians."

Hammond, Indiana

"Libraries are sacred time machines where knowledge flows and magic is eternal."

A Work of Art
Coconut Creek , Florida

A Work of Art, 2015

"Growing up, my family didn't have money to pay the textbook rental fee at my school, let alone buy books for pleasure. But thanks to my local library, I became an avid reader. I still remember sitting on my bed with the books I'd checked out spread around me as I decided which one to read first. Good times!"

The Three Spunkiens on Safari
Chino Hills , California

The Three Spunkiens on Safari, 2015

Spices & Seasons: Simple, Sustainable Indian Flavors
Valhalla , New York

Spices & Seasons: Simple, Sustainable Indian Flavors, 2014

"I love to spend any free time I can in a libraries, often meandering through the shelves, I always end up leaving with something new, learning about something special and feeling refreshed."

The Classroom When Nature Calls, Hang Up!
Los Osos , California

The Classroom When Nature Calls, Hang Up!, 2015

"When a child falls in love with a book, they become readers for life. Libraries are the key to igniting the spark that leads to a love for literature."

Rocks with Wings
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rocks with Wings, 2015

"I love libraries. I spent many, many pleasant and exciting hours at the Santa Fe Public Library as a child, waiting for my Dad to finish his work at the newspaper office. The library was not only a safe haven, it invited me to learn about things I never knew existed and fed my curiosity in a wonderful way. I put my first library card, pale blue with a little metal plate with my name, in my treasure box."

Moonlight on Butternut Lake
San Francisco, California

Moonlight on Butternut Lake, 2015

"Public libraries are the heart and soul of any community. They are a place to read, and think and browse and dream."

The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Violin
Hendersonville , Tennessee

The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Violin, 2014

"Nothing encourages reading more than libraries!"