Maybe: My Memoir
New York, New York

Maybe: My Memoir, 2015

Love Sick: A Memoir
Venice, California

Love Sick: A Memoir, 2015

"Libraries have been my home away from home since I was a little girl joining in my local summer reading club. I probably visit my library once a week and when I'm traveling, whether it's here in the U.S. or abroad, I always make a point to stop in the local library and take it all in."

My Darling Dorothy
Arvada , Colorado

My Darling Dorothy, 2016

"I am passionate about literacy programs for young children in underserved communities. Libraries provide these programs and are thus a vital part of our society's ability to provide an opportunity for intellectual growth for everyone, not just an elite few."

A Pajama Extravaganza Mystery
Springdale, Maryland

A Pajama Extravaganza Mystery, 2016

Kansas City, Missouri

The Black Ten Commandments

"Libraries act as a place where each of us can consult a collective oracle (books) to aid us on our hero's journey."

Redwood, California

Eighteen Wheels of Horror: A trailer Full of Trucking Terror

Harvard, Nebraska

Lost Mojo

Orange, California

The Homefront Series: Books 1-3

Cypress, Texas

Death's Realm

Yuba City, California

Blood Vengeance

Cumming, Georgia

Dark Carnival: An Anthology of Horror (contributor)

Indian Trail, North Carolina

Let it Bleed